Realization of ideas

We are a company which sources its creativity from a long tradition of artisanship of Ribnica and latter also metal industry.



Realized projects

Become visible. The printing house of a thousand ideas.

What was deemed almost impossible in the field of printing until recently, can today be achieved using modern technologies in a quick, inexpensive, and qualitative manner. We are a specialized printing house with 30 years of experience. 
We print on over 100 different materials, which can be planar or wound up in a roll: metal, wood, PVC panels, fabric, aluminium composite panels, canvases, tarpaulins, foils,...

UV print

Direct printing on boards is the revolution of digital printing.

Sublimation print

Sublimation printing is printing on polyester fabric. It is mostly meant for printing of flags, decorative fabric, curtains, wallpapers and other commercial products.

Wider formats of printing

Our advantage is wider formats, as we can print and process materials which measure up to 3200 millimetres in width; however, with additional production (such as welding or sewing) the size of the surfaces can be limitless.

 Our team will happily advise you with choosing the best option. Not only do we offer carrying out your ideas, but we also provide delivery and final installation of the product.

Additional production

For printed matter we offer CNC and laser cutting, high frequency welding and sewing.

Solvent print

Digital eco solvent printing is a technique of printing on media in a roll, which measure up to 160 centimetres in width.

CNC cutting and routing

Cutting and routing of materials with the help of an advanced CNC machines.

Our references

We are trusted by various successful domestic and foreign companies.

Contact and sales

Our advantage is our responsiveness.